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Going To Start learning Java Again.

I have learnt a bit of it in the past, but I never got very far because I would always get distracted by something else, for example a game. I have a huge book on it (A Dummy's Guide To Java - Doug Lowe) which is pretty good, but it's really quite tedious to read maybe ten pages that explain a single thing, however much information is packed into those pages. I think I really just need to have a video on and just read, I might actually begin to get an in-depth knowledge about Java.

The main reason for learning it is that I want to develop games. I already have an idea with one of my friends that we want to start working on, but I haven't got the programming knowledge to even think of a place to start. I should also stop watching How To Train Your Dragon one and two, as that's quite a good distraction. Unfortunately, I've got a little problem of procrastination. That'll need to be overcome, then I can actually get on with stuff. Well, until the next post, seeya!
-Stuart 27/01/15

I Love How To Train Your Dragon, So Much...

It's a good movie, what can I say? I actually don't have anything else to say, so this is the end of this post...
-Stuart 26/01/15

Yay! First Version Of The Site Finished!

So, I've finally finished this site (until it needs updating, of course). Glad it's finally been made functional, but I think there's a lot I could do to improve it...
-Stuart 25/01/15